Of Lifting Equipment's experience

IBEROELEVA had the beginning of its activity in 1995, in the metalmechanic construction market as a manufacturer of rail tracks. In order to track progress due to the consequent market demand has taken up later as a manufacturer of lifting equipment which, at present, is proud to mark a prominent position.

Develops and produces equipment among which stand out the manufacture of:

• Cranes;

• Gantry Cranes;

• Semi Gantry Cranes;

• Column Jib Crane;

• Wall Jib Crane;

• Marina Jib Crane;

• Transfers;

• Monorails;

• Metallic Structures;

• Travelifts;

Moreover, IBEROELEVA prides itself on manufacturing specific for each client, thoughtful solutions in order to optimize production lines, establishing a better use of the area, to improve and create new projects and having the know-how in the implementation of these ideas to make them real. With qualifications to give training to our customers, IBEROELEVA has a training program targeted for those who work daily with the high risks associated with the handling and lifting loads.

This is how IBEROELEVA expands its territory and has been consolidating its presence in countries such as Spain, France, England, Angola, Mozambique, Poland, Romania, Morocco, Brazil, among others in order to exceed expectations, overcome obstacles and achieve new challenges.

Priding itself on being a certified company, IBEROELEVA has the experience in the equipment rehabilitation field in order to proceed with modifications of mechanical and/or electrical components as well as making changes to the equipment in order to adapt them according to the need of the customer.

IBEROELEVA is enabled to provide technical assistance to its clients whether is preventative or corrective maintenance. This last one, due to its importance for the industry functioning, can be held within 24h.


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