Lifting Equipment


The cranes are equipment that allow the movement of loads and that have applications for all type of industry. Depending on the application most feasible for the customer, the cranes can be of the following types: Single girder, double girder, Suspended or in Console.

Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes

Both equipment are available in single or double girder however their difference consists on the supporting legs to the floor: a gantry crane has both runways on the floor while a semi gantry crane has only one runway on the floor and the other located in an upper level (usually aligned with the building).


Travelift has uses in several sectors which requires lifting and moving loads in open spaces. Characterized by its robustness and mobility, this equipment allows a diversification on all kinf of applications.

Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes are the ideal solution for moving loads in specific areas and with a small range. Allows rotations of 180°, 270° and 360° depending on the type of jib crane and the technical features required. These equipments have an electric or manual rotation and they can be used in both type of hoists (cable or chain).

Transfer Vehicle

This equipment allows the handling of loads at ground level. The power of this equipment can be supplied on batteries, electric rail (electrified or with straps) or drum winder (motorized or springs depending on the length).

Monorails System

This equipment can be supported by a specific support structure or being supported on the building structure. Monorails can have curves or be straight.

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